Terrorism Case Study


Terrorism Case StudyThere has been an enormous amount of terrorist attacks in the world. These attacks have been carried out by domestic and international terrorists. Two major terrorist attacks have occurred on U.S. soil. One occurred in Oklahoma City and was carried out by domestic terrorists, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. The other attack occurred in New York City and was carried out by 19 radical Muslims with ties to the Al Qaeda network. These significant terrorist incidents had a Continue reading

Terrorism and the Internet Essay


Terrorism and the Internet EssayTerrorism is a “complicated, electic phenomenon”(Cronin, 2002), which can be defined as “the threat or use of seemingly random violence against innocents for political ends by a nonstate actor” (Cronin, 2002). Following the 9/11, George W. Bush stated: “Americans have known the casualties of war, but not at the centre of a great city on a peaceful morning. Americans have known surprise attacks, but never before on thousands of Continue reading

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Essay


Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism EssayTerrorism, and subsequently, counter terrorism is not a new phenomenon; indeed, there have been more than 12 UN conventions alone on the subject. It is the very question of how to deal with this issue universally that poses the greatest challenge. In this essay, I will address the question: Does the United States' “heavy handed” response to global non-state terrorism post 9/11, and its subsequent military failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, show Continue reading

Oklahoma City Bombing Essay


Oklahoma City Bombing EssayThe heartbeats of hundreds of Oklahoma City citizens raced madly, pumping harder and harder as each individual approached the source of an unprecedented blast that violently shook the capital of Oklahoma at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995. A large dark cloud of smoke rose high into the morning atmosphere. Car alarms sang frantically for miles in all directions. The unknown of what had just occurred lingered in the minds of all Oklahoma City's people. Was an earthquake Continue reading

NATO, UN, and Terrorism Essay


NATO, UN, and Terrorism EssayTerrorism has existed for many decades, but it was not till September 11, 2001 when it hit the mainstream and seized everyone's attention. Countries scrambled to secure themselves from the threat of possible terrorist attacks, and organizations such as NATO and the UN immediately denounced such attacks and came up with their own strategies to protect their member states and assemble plans in efforts to fight the terrorist threat. Both organizations have the tools and Continue reading

Israel Terrorism Essay


Israel Terrorism EssayIsrael is a country whose modern origins are quite unique. Founded as a homeland for the Jews, who for centuries had experienced persecution around the world, it was at war with its neighbouring countries the day after it declared its independence on May 14, 1948. Faced with potential annihilation, Israelis managed to defeat the combined invading forces of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Up against such overwhelming hostility, Israelis knew from even before the Continue reading

Global Terrorism Essay


Global Terrorism EssayTo the revolutionary, a fundamental change in the status quo is the highest priority. It is with this in mind that terrorism gains a legitimate foothold in the aspirations of the revolutionary. Terrorism is not a legitimate form of revolution but a legitimate tool of revolution. Its aims superimpose those of the revolutionary and so will always be considered though never always implemented. While some critics may dissent based on moral grounds and link subhuman attributes Continue reading

Essay on the topic “Is the global war on terrorism suc


Is the global war on terrorism succeeding?When analyzing the world's current situation concerning terrorism, it is difficult to say whether the global war on terrorism has been a successful one. Since the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centers in New York City, George Bush, president of the United States, vowed to defeat terrorism. Eight years later, this promise has yet to be fulfilled, and even with the help of many countries globally, the terrorism threat is still evident more Continue reading

Essay on Terrorism and Death


Essay on TerrorismTears rolled down the girl's eyes as she answered the questions the doctor asked. The first few had no significance. It was the ones that ensued that caused her tears. Her father had been her best friend, and she had loved him so extravagantly. She had changed since he died, and it wasn't for the better. The doctor began to ask the important questions, the ones that would cause the most pain and grief.“Can you tell me why you think you are here, Sara?” asked the Continue reading

Domestic Terrorism Essay


Domestic Terrorism EssayIt is the unfortunate truth that the violent act of terrorism has become a very familiar concept to most Americans and undoubtedly throughout the world. Because of the magnitude of 911 it has become tempting for Americans to assume that most terrorists are international in origin.  Americans have come to view the typical political terrorist as being a person of Middle-Eastern descent, one who is a dedicated disciple of Osama Bin Laden or some other Muslim militant, Continue reading