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Essay sample on "Sport and Religion"

…Although sports and religion may seem to have little in common, we have attempted to demonstrate that contemporary sport and religion are related in a variety of ways. For many centuries, Christian church dogma was antithetical to play and sport activities, but over the past century, with the enormous growth of organized sport, churches and religious leaders have welded a link between these two activities by sponsoring sports events under religious auspices and proselytizing athletes to religion and then using them as missionaries to convert new members. While contemporary religion uses sport for the promotion of its causes, sport uses religion, as well. Numerous activities with a religious connotation – ceremonies, rituals, and so forth – are employed in connection with sports contests…

Sample essay on "Homeless families"

…Perhaps the most direct consequence of homelessness is the separation of children from their parents. Wright suggests that while most homeless families have dependent children, only about half have their children living with them. This is attributed to several factors. Anticipating homelessness, some parents voluntarily place their children in foster care directly prior to their episode of homelessness; other children are removed from families because of abuse and neglect, homelessness often being considered a form of neglect. Homeless facility requirements may also inadvertently contribute to family dissolution. Many family shelters have eligibility requirements; the most frequently cited restriction is the refusal to accept adolescent males, or any males over the age of fourteen, including fathers. One result of these regulations is that many older homeless children leave their families and try to make it on their own. Research on homeless children and families suggests that they appear particularly vulnerable to psychological, emotional, and developmental risk. Housing assistance alone may not be sufficient to guarantee either long-term, independent living, or the healthy child and family development that likely have been compromised by episodes of homelessness…

Sample of essay on "Mass media and Children"

Anyone who has grown up in our culture knows that exposure to television shows, films, and other mass media presentations depicting danger, injury, bizarre images, and terror-stricken victims can scare an audience. Most of us seem to be able to remember at least one specific program or movie that terrified us when we were a child and that made us nervous, remained in our thoughts, and affected other aspects of our behavior for some time afterwards. Anecdotal evidence abounds, and, although research interest in this topic has been sporadic over the years, studies published in every decade starting with the 1930s have indicated that transitory fright responses to mass media stimuli are quite typical, and that enduring, and sometimes severe, emotional disturbances occur in a substantial proportion of children…

Sample essay on "Internalizing the Cold War Conflict "

…In his request for aid to Greece and Turkey in March 1947, President Truman warned that world peace and the American way of life might falter if the nation refused to exercise leadership in the eastern Mediterranean. He did not speak of spheres of influence or American control of strategic regions of the globe or a preponderance of power. Rather, he echoed the warnings of World War II as he called on the nation to “choose between alternate ways of life” and rally around a policy of confrontation. With these words he cast the postwar struggle in an ideological light that shone brightly on every facet of America. Truman's simplistic warnings of unlimited danger ended any uncertainty among the public about postwar foreign policy. The Advertising Council, recognizing the power of Truman's admonition that an all-encompassing menace existed, adjusted its explanations of nearly all the problems facing the nation to incorporate the theme of universal threat.

Council programs reinforced the administration's rhetoric and business's arguments with warnings of danger to the American way of life. The Council's expanded and new campaigns depicted domestic economic cooperation as the most effective response to the foreign and domestic challenges confronting the nation. As the Cold War intensified after the spring of 1947, the Council, just as Truman had done in his March speech, recast nearly all of its campaigns to explicitly reflect an international ideological conflict. Patriotic cooperation and crusading internationalism soon dominated campaign themes and messages. Those themes, often replaying the domestic propaganda messages of World War II, highlighted the importance of domestic cooperation for foreign affairs while bolstering support for international activism and free enterprise…

Sample essay on "Religion"

Religion purports to answer people's ultimate and most important questions. These are among the questions that personal development, which is the same as true education, also addresses. Yet, from the late eighteenth and to the middle of the nineteenth century, "enlightened" thinkers expected religion to disappear by the twentieth century. Intellectuals came to find secular alternatives to religious faith: reason, science, art, and politics. Nevertheless, religion is making a strong comeback. This is not surprising. Religious and secular concerns are inseparable: In areas like marriage, contractual obligations, and personal development they overlap. Simultaneous with this revival of religion is a renewed interest in ethics, morality, and humanitarian concerns. From the subjective point of view, religion is a virtue that leads a person to render to God the homage due Him. As an objective manner of behavior and concrete manifestation of virtue, revealed religion comprises several things – for example, belief in, respect for, and submission to one God, who is personal, infinite, immanent, and transcendent. And there have to be acts of worship to show these things: Actions speak louder than words in religion as well as elsewhere. Lastly in the objective sense, revealed religions have to have institutions which regulate external religious activity, lest the activity become in some way an aberration, or abnormal, or impinge upon the rights of others. Personal development, another term difficult to define, means actualizing all the potential that is in a person: a process of becoming, of being all you can be in every area of your life…

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