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The essay has become a sort of instrument for communication between the student and the professor. These couple of pages demonstrate the learner's intentions and capabilities and, thus, can be decisive.
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The best examples for your essay writing

You must have already read hundreds of recommendations on writing, yet some moments are still not clear. Learn from the best — check out our compilation of the successful sample essays.

We guess this post is rather helpful as it:

  • serves as a perfect example for authors (thanks to the high rate of the written essays);
  • ensures understandable explanations on how to compose essays;
  • sparks fresh interesting thoughts;
  • just entertains the reader (we hope it brings positive vibes).

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Essays writing strategies for admissions

Professors, above all, strive to see an interesting person when reading your college essay. And you can show your individuality through the prism of various stories. Here are several nice samples by our writers.

Strategy 1: Topic devoted to your hero has conducted little research and analyzed winning essays. The conclusion is that a narrative devoted to the real person works well.

The function of this strategy lies in the demonstration of your position towards the concrete character. Let it be a family member, a famous sportsman (like Lebron James, for instance), an actor, etc.

Excerpt from a sample essay on George Washington

"...I admire George Washington's talent to be a leader and unite people. In fact, he was the first one who managed to implement the idea of the single state for the USA.

George Washington won the credibility and trust of most Americans due to wise military decisions. His feat was about courage and wisdom to organize a weak army and fight the powerful British military force.

Humble and brave, this is how I see an ideal leader. I have no ambitions to become the US president; nevertheless, I will strive to look like Washington in my future professional career. As a manager, I would like to learn from our first president. I plan to join people together around my business ideas the same way as Washington did for separate states back in the day... "

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Sample essay on an influential family member

I would like to tell the story of the person I am personally acquainted with. This is the father of my friend, Mr. Williams, a person, which has significantly affected my life. I have chosen this personality, because I find his history and his inner qualities incredible to become who he is at the moment, and to achieve all his goals. I am sure that the world has a majority of such people, though we are simply not aware of that.

Mr. Williams is a typical leader, which may be seen by his appearance: a solid age, a look of determination, great posture, and incredibly clear and exact thoughts and ideas. When I first met this person, I felt his seriousness and strictness, though Mr. Williams did not even mean to express these features. What impresses me about this person is Mr. Williams’ interest in my own life and experiences from the very first time I have met him. This might be his professional attitude and analysis of a new person, though I felt his real interest in me as individuality. It was my first experience of sharing my own ideas, opinions, and expectations with the person I hardly knew. Nevertheless, I felt incredibly comfortable while talking with Mr. Williams, and was not afraid of saying too much – I was understood and highly supported in my perspectives.

Mr. Williams is a person from an ordinary family, who has managed to achieve his success by his own endeavors. I do not know the history of Mr. Williams’ family, but I know that he was raised in a family of two workers, who were completely devoted to their family and their children. Mr. Williams was very ambitious, and the fortune seemed to have provided all favorable opportunities for him to start his business and become the leader in his organization. Mr. Williams had an opportunity to obtain higher education, which opened new perspectives into his future, successful life. Nevertheless, much was depended on Mr. Williams’ will, character, and immense desire to build a foundation of his life. At the time of his studentship, Mr. Williams had two close friends, who also took the leadership positions in various organizations. A fascinating fact about this friendship is its strength, because after so many years, these people maintain a close connection, and gather together.

All these aspects had a significant impact on me as a personality. I do like my friends, and find them the first important people in my life after my parents. The history of Mr. Williams reflects my own perspectives and perceptions of the surrounding world and people. To say more, I reevaluated my attitude towards my friends, and began to see them from another point of view. I have been changed professionally and personally after communicating with Mr. Williams, because his inner qualities demonstrated me a completely strong and self-confident personality, who changes totally when interacting with people in a causal atmosphere.

I should admit that Mr. Williams is the exemplary person for me and for my ambitions and ideas concerning my future life. I have only positive memories about this individual, reminding myself of the main points I have heard from him, which encourage me to move further and achieve the desirable. I am very lucky to know this person, because I derive the most positive, effective, and emotionally comfortable experiences from the communication with Mr. Williams.

Hints from our writers: Do not try to retell the biography of the president, relative, friend (or any other hero of your story) and list his/her achievements. Instead, show his/her impact on your worldview.

Strategy 2 (for high school admissions): tell about your childhood

Childhood plays a significant role in the further life of any person. It's a sort of basis for adulthood and serious independent steps.

While describing the early years of life, you can show your progress, talents, plus your active position.

My childhood dream: Excerpt from the body paragraph

"I've been dreaming of an Air Force engineer profession since my earliest days. I recall the cherry tree in the backyard of our New Jersey home, where I preferred to play. When I was eight, I built a toy-cabin for my little plane on it. It was composed of the remnants of old banana seat bicycles, lawn mowers, oil drums, and several other details.

My greatest childhood adventure was about so-called flights in this improvised flying machine. Since then, I have been dreaming about various big projects, yet all of them are connected with planes and inventions.

I want to turn my dreams into reality, and your STEM High school can help me with that. "

Professional comments: When writing papers for a school application, highlight your sincere interest in studying their disciplines.

Strategy 3 (for scholarship essays): focus on arguments

Education can become a significant financial burden for contemporary students. However, you can try your luck to obtain the scholarship. Compose a letter proving that you deserve this financial aid.

Apparently, scholarship essays are not simple to compose. Many people simply do not like to ask for money and explain their life circumstances. It's one thing when they discuss such issues with each other; and writing a document for the scholarship program is quite another matter. Besides, it could be challenging to search for the balance between modesty and bragging about your outstanding talents.

Education is an important thing in my life

"... I would never ask you about financial aid, yet the year 2020 has changed everything. I lost the part-time job that enabled me to pay for college tuition.

At the moment, I am a junior student of the Environmental Faculty Engineering, and I sincerely want to continue my education. My GPA is 3.75; besides, I successfully represented our college at the USASEF.

This scholarship is my chance to keep developing my skills and, eventually, contribute to global progress. My inner motivation is about improving the ecological situation on our planet.

I will be grateful if you give me financial opportunities for my further studies..."

Expert recommendations: Everything starting from the first sentence and to the final paragraph must be written in a convincing tone. One must not directly ask the reader to give the financial aid. Explain your argument. The most suitable strategy is to highlight accomplishments. Show enough facts, proving that you need the scholarship for worthy plans.

How to write essays at college? Tips based on examples

What do teachers and professors expect to see in college papers? A big number of such questions from clients inspired us for writing sample essays explaining all the nuances.

1. Express your thoughts in essays

Professors have already read tons of literature on their disciplines, and they want to see something unique in your papers. So do not try to repeat well-known statements and ideas. Search for new insights and consider your personal experience.

An opinion essay on passion for music

In my opinion, memory is not only a cognitive medium that allows us to return to the past in some perspective, but also a representation of my life experience, emotions and some internal feelings associated with certain life episode. In the meantime, music is a special combination of sounds that brings a variety of emotions, from sadness and depression to joy and vast rapture. Given the aesthetical power and potential of music as emotion-shaping medium, I am confident that music played and still plays a significant role of constructing my aesthetics and perception of life things.

Melodic sounds that memorized throughout life are capable to remind and recollect vivid images of my previous experience; that is why I value music and composing creativity very much. In fact, I cannot clearly remember my first music memory and experience, although I have some hazy pieces of memory regarding some melody either from cartoon or movie. Nevertheless, I can clearly remember my first song that reminds me of my first romantic relationships: it was “Is this Love” by famous hard rock band Whitesnake. We were sitting together in the country, and the marvelous rock ballad was playing on the radio. It was also the first time I had a kiss. Since then, hearing the melody’s motifs or the voice of David Coverdale, the band’s frontman, brings me back to that enchanting early adolescence and engages me in strong sense of nostalgia. In general, I think it was a sort of predestination, as I had became a big fan of rock, hard rock and heavy metal music.

However, things change all the time, as well as my music tastes and interests. I cannot remember the exact moment when – and how - my interest to heavy music got cold, and I became a fan of experimental, non-mainstream and avant-garde music. Notably, I noticed an interesting aspect of my music and sound perception: whether it was a video or a movie, I always paid attention to music and sound entourage; sometimes, music in the movie was even more important to me than the movie’s plot, casting, or special effects. I think this was somehow related to personal interests of my father. Generally, I remember that he was actively and loudly listening jazz music, including brilliant songs of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington or Django Reinhardt; although his music taste was limited, I suppose it was my father who ‘taught’ me involuntary to love music, to be competent in music, and be interested in music as a collector. My mother, however, loves simple and popular music and she was never seriously concerned with the question of music, as far as I remember.

I think that my current love to experimental, uncommon and non-popular music has distinctly shaped who I am today. Experimental music I am interested in is not even the music in traditional sense; it is rather a combination of soundscapes that create a specialized atmosphere and contribute to the work of my imagination. Such music is able to raise some philosophical or metaphysical ideas, bring some mystical and allegoric senses, and cultivate unique emotions that affect my world-viewing. For instance, I would never forget my first encounter with experimental music that incorporated ambient sounds along with calm and terrific Celtic motifs. I felt myself walking through some ancient battlefield and it was absolutely unbelievable. In the meantime, I was captivated by the sound of experimental cosmological music: composers usually include the real sounds from satellites, radio signals, and space station transmission into their soundscapes, and that brought a palpable feeling of my presence in the outer space. Therefore, I guess, the interest to non-banal music might explain my current interest to mystical stories in movies and literature, as well as my sincere interest to such topics as human psychology, religion, ancient cultures and history.

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2. Be coherent when writing your essays

Maintain the logical flow of thoughts: consider your paragraph structure, plan of the text, transitions between statements, etc. By doing so, you demonstrate that you are able to process the data and arrange your ideas perfectly.

Expository essay on international business

The world is changing on a daily basis affecting not only people’s life and professional activity but also the nature and organization of business. The growth of international business and the expansion to new markets offer not only many opportunities for companies but also numerous challenges. The company should promote stability and success not only on the national but also on the international market inspiring much confidence and security on the part of its customers, as they promote the company’s success, stability and growth.

When trying to market a new product or service globally, business leaders should consider numerous factors and evaluate problems linked to this activity. First, the proper analysis of the chosen market is needed, including not only the competitors but also the target market, consumer preferences and choices. Second, SWOT analysis should be initiated, as the properly organized SWOT analysis helps to make the present business successful, productive and popular in the new market field and worldwide. Every country has specific legal regulations of business, and people should be properly aware of these issues escaping challenges affecting business in this field.

Thus, any company wanting to enter the new market and trying to market the new product globally should not only consider economic and legal/political factors but also cultural and social factors predetermining consumer choices and preferences. The company entering the new arena should be properly aware of the market regulations, communication channels, competitors and distributors, as well as otaf that the home market is often different from the foreign market, and this specifics should be taken into consideration from the very beginning.

Expert comments: As we see, the above text logically describes issues and solutions to them. The author provides valuable suggestions flowing from understandable explanations. This is how we get a clear readable essay.

3. Give meaningful information

Your essay must be informative, and this rule concerns all the paragraphs in your paper and the topic sentence, in particular. Make sure that the text is relevant to the topic or the key question of your assignment.

Definition essay sample: What is a myth?

As all human experiences are based on the power of perception and interpretation, myths have come to our life since the very ancient times. Therefore, in order to understand the nature of myth and existing systems of mythology, it is, obviously, necessary to understand and comprehend the nature of human perception and interpretation pertaining to the external world.

Evidently, there is no single and unequivocal definition of a myth. As possible to refer to Campbell’s notions about myths, we can define myth as a clue to the spiritual experiences of the human living and being. On the other hand, it is possible to determine myths as special culturally-established stories that refer to internal cultural traditions, customs and beliefs. The strictly perceptional and emotional nature of myths provides them with specific and distinctive features. First, myths being stories are told in public and can be transferred further in a way, as if they are real facts. Second, myths incorporate supernatural context and/or pretext, and usually involve the presence of some divine being, whether it is imaginary God or Goddess. Third, given the supernatural context behind myth’s nature, myths usually refer to the past and often actualize some natural events – for instance, creation of the universe. Fourth, myths, similar to legends and parables, incorporate some pieces and elements of morality, as myths tend to teach the listeners about basic principles of ethics, including distinction between Bad and Good. As myths tend to offer some life models, the relation between myth and time is quite obvious. In other words, the myths and related life models should fit the time context they are reproduced. They must be appropriate for a certain living period to be efficient. With changing of time, cultural priorities, ethical values and human beliefs might change as well, which means that myths may simply lose their value.

The main distinction between metaphor and myth is conceptual. As myth presumes the whole system of imaginary, supernatural and allegorical images, metaphor usually represents a single conceptual structure expressed in a form of language and combined with its internal symbols. Therefore, we can identify the pure interconnection between myths and metaphors, as the first ones clearly depend on the second ones. Mythology, as the whole system of images and beliefs reminds of some religion typical for the certain period of time, but it still incorporates important metaphorical messages to add and extent the context. Technically, metaphorical languages rather connote the context between mythological and supernatural beings and human persons in the story. Thus, we can argue that metaphors are only one of the possible and significant elements of any classic mythology, what truly illustrates their inter-relation and conceptual interaction.

Of course, mythologies are designed to fulfill four basic functions. First, myths cultivate a human feeling of awe before certain phenomenon through several ways of interpretation, such as moving in, moving out, and correcting the conscious. The central aim is to produce recognition of a mysterious dimension of being. Second, myths promote power of interpretation to explain people everything about order of things, nature and universe (Gods and supernatural powers are only media for transferring messages). Third, myths should verify their actuality through their conceptual connection with reality to support the value of myths and bring certain morality via their reproduction. Fourth, myths are aimed at accompanying an individual throughout his/her life and experiences to identify him or her with specific culture he or she belongs to. Thus, functions of myths are also of religious nature.

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4. Prove your thesis statement

Build your story on good arguments so that to adhere to a convincing tone. For instance, if you claim that university and school uniforms are relics of the past, demonstrate facts.

Persuasive essay on white privilege

White privilege does still exist in the modern society. For example, I can go shopping whenever I want and be totally sure that nobody will follow me or persecute me. Yes, there is black, Chicano, and Asian privilege, especially in law and legislation. In the light of the research on cultural bias and prejudices, it may be concluded that the privilege to be uninhibitedly exuberant with one’s friends does exist in society. Unfortunately, certain groups of people can take it for privilege to humiliate over another race, or people of color. Much depends on the history, which once divided people into different races, though Jews, Irish, and Italians have never been considered white. This fact generates certain challenges for minority groups.

American society tends to separate its citizens on the basis of culture and physical attributes. Nevertheless, no science advocates for such a practice, because it generates potentially dangerous issues that could entail negative consequences. It is a known fact that whites are the majority, and there is no necessity to point at this issue. Rather, school should create black-white or Latino-white organizations to underline the importance of the collaboration between the races, rather than making them hostile.

If white students are allowed to form a white student organization and use student fees to fund it, this situation may be considered as white privilege. Therefore, it would be better if such a phenomenon did not take place in schools to create and maintain a friendly atmosphere in the classroom and in school in general. It may also result in the attenuation of solidarity, the loss of the benefits of the experiences of other people, reduction of chances for coalition, and dependence on the permission of the white establishment.

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Argumentative essay on Christmas

Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, was born of the Virgin Mary during the reign of Caesar Augustus in the city of Bethlehem. Caesar Augustus ordered to take a nationwide census throughout his Empire, which also included Palestine at that time. The Blessed Virgin Mary and her husband-to-be, the righteous Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to add their names to the list of subjects of Caesar. In Bethlehem, they did not find a single free space in city hotels. In the limestone cavern meant for the cattle, among the hay and straw scattered to feed and litter to the cattle, far from their permanent residence among strangers, on a cold winter night, in an atmosphere devoid not only of earthly greatness, but even ordinary facilities – there was born the God-man, the Savior of the world.

The Church holiday was set in remembrance of the Nativity of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Its beginning dates back to the days of the Apostles. The name ‘Christmas’ originates from the Mass of Christ. A Mass service remembers Christians about the fact that Jesus died for us, and afterwards came back to life. Since the real birthday of Jesus is not known, no date is mentioned in the Bible, people celebrate it on the 25th of December. The first recorded date of the celebration of Christmas this day namely was in 336AD, the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine....

...As for me, I believe that the best appropriate reason for celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December is connected with Saturnalia, because this is the sign of a new life, a new birth (though in the nature). It thus marks the birth of Jesus, which is also connected with his race – the holiday is Jewish, and Jesus was a Jew also.

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5. Draw a vivid picture to come up with a beautiful essay

The text is an awesome instrument to create bright images in readers' minds. Try to pick the most suitable words, build powerful sentence constructions, use evocative expressions.

A narrative essay on Christmas Day

Any holiday is an opportunity to meet the whole family gathered together for celebration. My favorite holiday is Christmas celebrated on the 25th of December annually, and I do not only enjoy Christmas parties or numerous celebrations occurring during this day but also the overall atmosphere in the city. In fact, every city is decorated for the Christmas season, all shopping malls, department stores, and other buildings are decorated with numerous lights, angels, stars and other objects to attract the customers making the city more beautiful and brighter. Celebration of the Christmas day in the family circle is the tradition we observe in our family, as traditional dishes are served, such as turkey, pies, different cakes, as well as numerous desserts depending on the desires of each family member. Another tradition is to give presents to each other, and I like choosing presents for my family following their desires and interests and observing smiles on their faces while receiving things they wanted. Besides, we often decorate the houses with lights increasing the holiday mood. The decoration of the Christmas tree is an indispensable part of this holiday, as we often perform this activity several days before the holiday, and this is the part of the overall preparation for Christmas. On the Christmas Eve, I also try visiting my friends and close relatives exchanging gifts and sharing positive holiday mood. This holiday really unites people, and this is one of the reasons why many Americans and representatives of other nations like and celebrate Christmas annually.

Christmas in America, as well as in other countries worldwide, is a mix of religious motives and beliefs and commercial interests, as numerous sales and bonuses are provided to people during the holiday season allowing them to buy presents and other things for affordable prices. However, not all individuals value Christmas only for the ability to spend time with the family and for numerous sales and discounts in shops, as this is a good opportunity for charity and volunteer work assisting poor and old individuals not having family and opportunity to buy foods and presents. I try participating in such projects and various volunteer programs, and this is another tradition for Christmas, a common period for goodwill and kindness. I am sure that people should assist each other promoting the unity of American nation and enabling people to feel valued and important, especially on Christmas Day, when all other persons celebrate this holiday in the family circle. People should not feel lonely and excluded during this holiday, and various organizations and institutions providing volunteer services assist lonely and disadvantaged individuals. I always donate money for Christmas Charity programs, as I understand that this helps buying presents for children living without parents or other individuals not believing in Christmas and not celebrating it properly. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and though the same traditions and practices are followed every year, this holiday brings different feelings and emotions annually. Although Christmas is initially linked to religious background and meaning being associated with the birth of Jesus, it has now become a popular holiday with new traditions and beliefs on the part of every family. However, people should not forget about the holiday’s initial meaning.

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6. Ground your suggestions on the in-depth analysis

This principle deals with all categories of papers, including college and personal essays. When you demonstrate a particular viewpoint, explain what gave you this idea. For this purpose, well-considered facts and reasonable conclusions come in handy.

If you want your essay to sound convincing, pay attention to your word choice. For instance, slang is not acceptable at the academic level.

Excerpts from the analytical essay on water resources

"... Agarwal affirmed that “the world is facing the pollution caused by Municipal sewage, domestic and industrial use of synthetic detergents, industrial wastes and agrochemical run-off from the fields” (38).

One type of water pollution is thermal pollution. Power plants and the industrial enterprises often dump the warmed-up water in a reservoir. It leads to increasing of water temperature inside. With increasing of temperature in the reservoir, the amount of oxygen decreases and it leads to biological misbalance. Pathogens and viruses begin to multiply in polluted water. They can cause the outbreaks of various diseases. Two factors associated with rising temperature are: decrease in available oxygen, and increase in metabolic and degradative rates..."

"...Since the mid-twentieth century the different types of water pollution problems have appeared.

Currently, there are few rivers in the world that are not polluted by human waste. Fertilizers and pesticides get to the rivers with waste water from farmlands. Water from the sewage and drainage ditches also get to the rivers. Nickum stated that “nearly one billion people still lack access to minimally safe drinking water, and over 2.6 billion live without proper sanitation, a critical factor for children's survival” (Nickum). Some plants drain off wastes into the rivers and lakes..."

"...It is necessary to reduce the payment size for the enterprises with the minimum emissions serving further as a priority to maintain a minimum discharge or reduce it. Solutions to the problem of water pollution lie in the development of an extensive legislative base that would really protect the environment from harmful anthropogenic impact..."

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What is the most trustworthy way to write good essays?

You can learn a lot from sample essays, yet try to maintain the uniqueness of your story. The aim of reading samples is to determine general principles and methods that really work but not to duplicate them.

Our writers leverage various approaches to essay writing. In most cases, all of them are about the combination of:

  • in-depth analytics,
  • bold creative ideas,
  • impeccable logic.

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What does the essay sample mean?

We consider the example of an essay a helpful hint for the present-day learners. On our website, one can find essay samples for informational purposes.

Sometimes it is more effective to read a good example rather than to study numerous instructions. We hope the above samples are useful for you.

What are the most popular types of essays?

Essays vary depending on their purposes:

  • narrative,
  • persuasive,
  • definition,
  • compare and contrast, etc.

The knowledge of these types helps you to focus on the central goals of the assignment and, thus, provide a spot-on text.

Examples look and sound inspiring. However, they can't be compared to our individual text crafted for every customer. If you wish to save time and receive your exclusive essay, please, place the order.