Terrorism Results Essay


Terrorism Results Essay

They are many things that Alex Boulton, writer of the article stated above and an assistant professor of History at Villa Julie College, Stevenson, Maryland, explains over the tragic terroristic accounts that have happened on our American Soil. Everyone knows about the tragic 9-11 bombing of the World Trade Center in 2001 and the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, these two events have been branded as the first and second most terroristic attacks against Americans on our land. But does anyone know that the third greatest terrorist attack on our homeland was back in 1831 when our nation was on the brick of a civil war? The Nat Turner Rebellion was an outcry against slavery when a slave killed his master and decided to take out half a county with him. Turner gathered up many other supporters and went around on a massacre against their white suppressers. Unlike the 9-11 bombing only fifty-five people were killed compared to the thousands from 9-11. But like 9-11, this event surprised many Americans and demanded action. In a desperate move the Sothern Virginia State Legislature banded together with its statesmen and tried to pass many ways to restrict slaves from everything and anything.

Mr. Boulton wrote, “Nat Turner had been driven to these deeds by a series of religious visions…” which too many whom remember that the excuses used be the Arabian bombers and plotters against the nation during 9-11, where basically along the same line stating that it was all for “Ala” and that “it was the right of the land”. In a quick act after the killings, like all Americans were during 9-11, many southerners banded together in unity against the black slaves, like the Americans against the Arabian, and their government belittled the Blacks like ours did for the Arabians by not allowing them to own horses, firearms and being unable to purchase liquor. During the years to come after September 11, 2001, many Arabians were not allowed to purchase anything near the areas of harmful in large scale or to purchase certain goods, similar? Many southerners began to punish other slaves for the actions after Turner's Rebellion and many freed slaves were taken away just as well to keep them in control. Just as the years and months to come after 2001, many Arabian celestial meetings were no longer allowed to be held and they were not allowed to be group up in large quantities unless they would liked to be watched upon severely.

Many people like William Lloyd Garrison held a great part in convicting against Turner. Even though Turner tried to do a good thing, the ways he achieved his point were entirely wrong. In his famous quote, “I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not excuse---I will not retreat a single inch AND I WILL BE HEARD.”, Garrison made sure that he was not ignored. With fire in his blood, Garrison told many truths of the world, and like Turner, set up a new path for the continuing argument over the rights of man. Many argued that Turner should've been given pity upon because of what he had been through. Mr. Boulton wrote, “Nevertheless, there are poignant parallels between the plights of people trapped in an economic and political system that makes suicidal violence seem like a viable alternative to a life of powerlessness, poverty and despair.” Both the slaves and the Arabian bombers were in a system or way of life that they could never get out of. A system of pain and despair where you can easily lose control or break down from all the pain and suffering, so it makes you notice that there really was nothing else to do, it was either die in the system or die trying to get out.

Looking back at the Southerners in Virginia and the Americans during the bombing, one big similarity that you get is the way they all banded to their people and tried to find ways to make the others pay. Both governments then tried to find ways to kick out the certain group from the presence of America or at least make sure that there was no way that they could achieve equal treatment after what had gone down. Yes both governments failed in kicking them out both the people made sure that they would make the groups suffer no matter what it took. In the end both events later lead or at least opened a path to war, whether it be the Civil War or the War on the Middle East, both leading to a different way things are seen and the nations pride and honor is changed, which will never be the same and forever will keep changing.