Shakespeare Essay


Shakespeare Essay

William Shakespeare was an amazing writer. He wrote some of the greatest pieces in literary history.  William Shakespeare's topic ranged from many different things. One of the things that he wrote about the most was women and love. I think that he had a lot of love in him. Of the 154 sonnets, the first fourteen were all about a women. This woman he loved very much and was trying to convince her to marry him. In these first fourteen poems are filled with love and desire for this woman which he gives vivid images of his love and the love he has for her. You can see a wide range of emotion from hate, to love. It is just amazing to see the imagery and emotion that William Shakespeare put into his work.

The most interesting thing about Shakespeare's poems is that they run together. Like the first fourteen sonnets that he wrote in his career. It makes a person want to keep reading. You do not really get much of a story by reading just one sonnet. The story in this poem form keeps developing and describing a series of feelings that Shakespeare exemplifies so vividly and passionately. This is one of the reason Shakespeare was one of the greatest things about him and made him such a writing sensation after he died.

 The first sonnet that William Shakespeare wrote is full of imagery showing the love and desire to be with that woman. It starts by describing her as one of the most beautiful woman on Earth that he would love to have his children; “From fairest creatures we desire increase,

 That thereby beauties rose might never die,” this means that they would be guaranteed beauty because of how beautiful she is (Damrosch 743).

The thing about William Shakespeare is that he could change any beautiful poem to one that is filled with depression and hate. In the same first sonnet where he talks about loving this woman and wanting her to have his children, he starts to call he a self-centered dreadful woman that is so self centered that see wants to be the only one that is perfect and beautiful. This is just incredible to see how Shakespeare had such a love for a woman and is trying to guilt her into having a child with him. The way that he changes the tone of a poem is crazy, but unique which made him one of the greatest writers to ever live.

After about the first three fourths of the first sonnet, William Shakespeare tries to put this beautiful woman that he loves so much on a guilt trip. After describing her as being one of the most beautiful woman on Earth he just flips and tries to make her feel like dirt. Through the next twelve poems Shakespeare tells her how ugly and lonely she will be in such a short period, he describes this by saying “despite of wrinkles, this thy golden time. but if thou live rememb'red not to be, die single, and thine image dies with thee (Damrosch 743) .”

The tone of these twelve sonnets is filled with selfishness and jealous on the behalf of Shakespeare. It is sad to see that Shakespeare has to make this woman feel so horrible to have a chance of being the father of her children, he makes her feel so bad so that he can love and care for this soon to be ugly woman. He says that if she has his children here beauty will see the world again, “to hideous winter and confounds him there,   sap checked with frost and lusty leaves quite gone,   beauty o'er-snowed and bareness everywhere.”  He then goes on to say that she will be ugly so soon but Shakespeare wants to marry her and be with her for the rest of his life.

After so much negativity and so much jealousy showed in those last twelve plays, Shakespeare just starts talking sweetly again to the woman, thinking that he has put enough guilt on her shoulders that she would be now convince into having Shakespeare's children and living a long and eventually ugly life. He uses such clear and brilliant images of being able to tell the future that they will have such a beautiful child together and will live happily ever after. In this sonnet he uses the images of princes, formations of the stars and even plagues to show this woman how much he loves her and how much they are meant to be together.

Shakespeare put so much imagery into his writings along with such intense feelings for what he wants and will do and say anything to get what he wants. Shakespeare was such a brilliant writer because of the man unique elements that he used to describe his feelings, and the way that he was able to sting so many poems together to tell a story of love and jealousy.